Oxbow Farm Visual Identity

Visual identity, including multiple logos and web design direction for a small family farm in Vermont

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The Challenge

The client wanted a unique, traditional and minimal design, to be used online as well as on products produced at the farm

The first thing produced was the main logo for the farm:

The identity was influenced by traditional hand carved signs, as well as the obvious maple motif - the farm's main product. I consulted on the creation of the eventual website http://oxbow.farm/ with my main contributions being brainstorming and choosing the URL, and art direction the drone photography/videography used throughout.

The basic design elements have also been used create a physical sign from a piece of local granite and the old gatepost:

I'm currently working up updated branding for the yoga studio situated on the farm, specifically thinking about how the logo will be used (print, web, apparel etc.) and ensuring that it will translate well to all mediums: