About Me

I can still remember the hours I spent playing with my first digital design tool - an early version of Kid Pix installed on my dad's work laptop. My interest in digital design continued into high school, where I would forgo my lunch period so that I could take extra graphic design and photography courses. In college, while majoring in English, I found that I was unhappy with focusing my creative output primarily on essays. I wanted to create things that existed somewhere more than just on paper. This realization led to a series of internships at small software companies, working in various capacities as a QA engineer, Product Manager, UX Designer, and front end developer.

Thanks to the privilege and learning experiences those internships offered, after graduating I often found myself working in hybrid roles - both defining how products should function and how they should look. While focusing more on Product Management side of those roles earlier in my career has been incredibly valuable to me professionally, I soon realized that my heart lies on the Design side, working as a problem solver, using user centered design methods, and once again creating things.

Presently, I work as a Senior Product Designer. I design features from the ground up, building on my past experiences working as a PM and doing front end development to deliver designs and solutions that address business needs, can be built in reasonable timeframes, and delight users.