About Me

I've been designing on computers ever since my father installed Kid Pix for me on the laptop his work gave him. In high school I would forgo my lunch period so that I could take extra design and photography courses. While studying English at Bates College, I found that I craved more practical outputs for both my creative and intellectual pursuits, which led to a series of internships at software companies.

Since 2015, I've been working full-time in tech, often finding myself in hybrid roles where I was performing the role of both product manager and product designer. While I found l that learning the intricacies of various business models and defining features on a high level has been incredibly valuable to me professionally, I soon realized that I enjoy working more as a problem solver, using user centered design methods to deliver delightful experiences that achieve underlying business goals.

Presently, I work as a Product Designer with a PM background. That means I design features from the ground up, taking into account both business needs and user research (often my own) to build products that are valuable for everyone. While I consider myself a "full-stack" designer, my strength is my UX/UI work.